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  • Arthritis and Joint Pain?

    Customers with Arthrits (Osteo and Rheumatoid) have seen a reduction in pain and increased joint movement through taking Missing Minerals.
  • Back Pain?

    So many suffer with back pain and remedies abound. Missing Minerals can assist the body in healing the issue at it's root.
  • Low Energy?

    So many of our customers are reporting increased energy levels and vitality, feeling much younger and fitter than they have in years (see the testimonies).
  • Undiagnosed Medical Issues?

    Sickness and disease is very often related to a mineral deficiency. Allow your body to repair itself naturally by providing it the raw ingredients it needs.
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  • Pre-Intensive

    The Pre-Intensive delivers the necessary minerals we require for a healthier body.  By taking the Pre-Intensive dose our bodies are able to replace these wrong chemicals with correct minerals.
  • Essentials

    Once your mineral levels are restored, maintain them with your daily dose of Essential Minerals and ensure your body keeps getting what it needs.
  • Pet Minerals

    Who doesn't love the sight of their pet full of life and running around with complete agility? Protect your dog from disease and arthritic pain with our special pet formula.
  • Home Alternative – Insight

    The problem with modern farming

    A US study found that 70% of all topsoil used for agriculture was 100% mineral deficient. Conversely the human body contains 87 minerals, which are essential for optimal health.Missing Minerals has researched the science behind the replacement of minerals that are missing from our lives. The minerals are sourced from the USA, Europe and Australia.  Our minerals are not synthetic (man made) but naturally found and bottled following the "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP) standard.

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You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.

Dr Linus Pauling

(Two Time Nobel Prize Winner)

  • Why We Need Missing Minerals

    Disease has invaded our society in proportions that our grandparents did not have to deal with in their day – something has changed. Correspondingly, what was once naturally in our foods 100 years ago, is now missing from our foods and so also our bodies.

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    Home Alternative – Insight 3
  • My back is a lot better and getting better every week and I no longer feel like my body is falling apart.

    Ricky.DHobart, Tasmania
  • After just one week of taking Missing Minerals the pain was gone, life was easier.

    Lee.BToowoomba, Qld
  • Coming across Missing Minerals was a game changer for me and steadily my whole system has been repairing.

    Leanne.AGold Coast, Qld
  • I had really bad neck pain that doctors were unable to help. I tried Missing Minerals and within a week the pain was going away!

    Catherine.LGold Coast, Qld