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“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

It was this statement by Dr Linus Pauling, considered one of the 20 greatest scientists of all time and two-time Nobel Prize winner, that opened my eyes. It was obvious to me that this research was not widely known and that the general public continues to take their medicine – and stay sick.

This subsequently led me to take an in-depth look at Geo-Health, the study of geographical incidence of disease. What I found was that many regions and countries high in disease were lacking in certain minerals, while conversely, other regions and countries high in minerals showed low incidence of  the same disease or ailments.

After many hours of research we arrived at a comprehensive understanding of what our bodies are missing in the western world. Many of us try hard to eat well, take our supplements and vitamins… but we are still unwell. We wanted to help people and provide an answer to this deficiency – Missing Minerals was the outcome. Minerals available in ionic form, easy to take and quickly absorbed by the body. We have seen dramatic results in many of our customers lives.

We are committed to continue to research and develop new products and demonstrate, that while medicine has it’s place, it’s not the final answer. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have such a medicinal dependency?

  • Scientifically Based

    After two years worth of research and speaking to many scientists, Missing Minerals was created. As we grow, we'll continue to ensure that all our products are backed by the very best science.
  • All Natural Ingredients

    Sourced from around the world, our minerals are pure and completely non-synthetic.
  • Australian Made & Owned

    Missing Minerals is Australian made and owned and delivered to you under the 'Good Manufacturing Practice', the industry standard for the Nutriceuticals Industry.

Richard Duduc is a Senior Career Fire Fighter with a engineering background. He has researched, designed and built a number of engineering products for companies across the globe, including one in mass production in Germany.

He turned his focus to the physiological understanding of the human body and the flawed system of modern farming and processing of the food we consume and thus its inability to provide for the proper functioning of the body. With his own testimony including Missing Minerals restoring his Fire Fighting career after a chronic injury, his focus became helping others to understand the necessity of the minerals that are missing from our diets.

With a history of start up companies, University consulting, research and patent writing and company board directorship Richard heads up the business and research side of Missing Minerals.

Darilyn Duduc is a Registered Nurse with University qualifications in Sports Science and a background in pharmaceuticals and education.

After becoming interested in both human physiology and the creative sciences, the way of natural health care and illness prevention became an obvious gap in our perception of health care and physical and emotional well being.

With the effects of Missing Minerals as a prototype being so pronounced and continuing over time, it has become Darilyn’s passion to help people find healthy and genuine alternatives to the issues of health and life. As a writer and University teacher Darilyn oversees the medical, educational and information side of Missing Minerals.