• After years of pace bowling with cricket and always being active, I found my knees were very painful. Then my back got really sore followed by other aches and pains. I felt like my body was falling apart! I tried Missing Minerals with scepticism, but after a couple of weeks things were changing. You can definitely feel things are happening, it is like your body is actually repairing itself. After being on Missing Minerals for over 3 months my knees are rock solid and they feel great. My back is a lot better and getting better every week and I no longer feel like my body is falling apart (I don't feel my age any more). I feel really good and full of energy thanks Missing Minerals.

    Ricky.DHobart, TAS
  • Thank you missing minerals. My fitness had suffered after a motorbike accident in 2007. I put on about 10kg and could not run for 3 years or so. When I began to try to get back into exercise I found I could not run/jog due to pain in my left knee. I went another 6 years with constant and increasing pain. After 6 weeks on your missing minerals I was pain free not only in my knee but also my shoulder which was also damaged in the accident. I now run twice a day and I have been able to maintain a weight loss of 12kg for over 12 months. This has had a flow-on effect and improved my quality of life in every area including emotional well being. I feel motivated and hopeful. Thanks heaps and keep the minerals coming.

    Dave.FPort Macquarie, NSW
  • I had really bad neck pain that doctors were unable to help, I was adamant I did not want to have an operation. I tried Missing Minerals and within a week the pain was going away and I was finally able to sleep well. There is definitely something in Missing Minerals because I had tried loads of different things.

    Catherine.LGold Coast, Qld
  • I have suffered from low energy and a depleted immune system for way too long. After a season of having a very intense job and lots of travel, my whole system seemed to be depleted and increasing my fruit and vegies wasn't doing a thing! I was seriously stuck and running out of sick leave.Coming across Missing Minerals was a game changer for me and steadily my whole system has been repairing, so that I can experience normal healthy energy levels right through the day and a much more robust immune system. I'm definitely not getting colds at the drop of a hat (like I used to). I cannot recommend Missing Minerals enough! Give it go!

    Leanne.AGold Coast, Qld
  • After suffering from blocked sinuses for many years the minerals in Missing Minerals have worked for me after just two weeks. I started to feel the difference. My right side feels completely clear and unblocked and the left side is a work in progress, a lot better than before taking the minerals.

    Renee.LGold Coast, Qld
  • After suffering a major car crash I was in constant pain. After just one week of taking Missing Minerals the pain was gone and life was easier. I wish I had found Missing Minerals 10 years earlier!

    Lee.BToowoomba, Qld